Monday, February 23, 2015

Better Batter Recipe Contest

Better Batter  is doing a contest using this Cinnamon Apple Bread recipe and to post our results taking the gluten containing ingredients and transform the recipe so that it is gluten free. I figured I would give it a go and sub out the cinnamon as it triggers migraines in 2 people in our family.

Using this Cinnamon Apple Bread recipe I made the following substitutions and when I made this I doubled the original recipe.

1/2 tsp Jamaican Allspice McCormick brand (1/4 tsp if only doing a single batch)
1 cup Coconut/Almond Silk Milk Unsweetened (1/2 cup if only doing single batch)
6 small Johnathan apples (recipe calls for 1 large and all I had on hand were small apples)
2/3 cup regular white sugar (omit this if making single batch)
1/3 cup coconut sugar plus an additional 1/3 cup white sugar
12oz's Better Batter Flour ( I weigh out my flour so that the bread isn't too dense).


In the step 6 of the original directions it advises to add the baking powder after the flour I actually mixed the baking powder directly into the flour mixed it together and then added it to the wet mixture. As soon as the flour was added I quickly poured the milk on top just until combined as to not over mix and make the bread tough.

Then in step 9 in the original directions says to use the back of a spoon I just used my hands to push the apples down into the batter. Then after I sprinkled the allspice and brown sugar mixture I pushed that into the apples a little bit. 

I cooked these loaves for less than 50 minutes in my oven at 350. The taller loaf I cooked for about 40 minutes and the shorter loaf I cooked for 20 minutes. I used silicon loaf pans and this has an impact on baking times. 

Here are the loaves we made as I doubled the batch and not much fit into the 2nd loaf pan which was fine and is now almost gone our children LOVED it!

I think next time what I would do is take some of the flour and put the apples into the flour and then add to the complete mixture and then put into the loaf pans and cook that way. I would also add the allspice directly into the flour and baking powder so that the spice is tasted throughout the entire loaf. I did the loaf exactly like the recipe and I am not 100% happy with how it turned out as I believe it can be better with the changes I am suggesting. Watch for an update on the changes I made and how it turned out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope that you can enjoy this Apple Cinnamon Bread in your house minus the gluten!

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