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This post is a SHOUT OUT to Better Batter Flour for not only having AWESOME recipes that are FREE on their blog but also providing an AWESOME gluten free flour blend that is really easy to work with. Can't thank them enough for everything that they do. This company was started by Naomi and the causes that she supports social and charitable causes. She continues to AMAZE me with what she does.

Here is the recipe from Better Batter Flour  it is AWESOME and I modified it so that it can be a regular donut with a hole in the middle instead of a filled donut. Our kids are not big on filled donuts they would rather have them sugar coated or plain without anything on them.

 We have used Rum Chatta and Peppermint Schnapps so far for the alcohol in the donuts and BOTH taste really good at the end. The other modification I did to this recipe is that I OMIT the salt as salt keeps yeast from producing too much of a rise in the mixture. I found it was better to omit the salt and the rise is fantastic in these.

For the first rise I let the mixture rise in the mixing bowl on top of my dryer that is running for a min of 2hrs. 

I HIGHLY recommend using a 4 inch round cutter for the outside and for the inside we used 1.5 inch cutter. After the donuts are cut I let them rise for 30min on top of my dryer that was going.

I am just simply AMAZED at how these donuts turn out they are light and fluffy and our kids LOVE them. They beat any store bought donut that is Gluten Free out there.

Don't forget to visit Better Batter Flour for this AWESOME recipe!

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