Friday, June 28, 2013

Gluten Free Tostino's Pepperoni Rolls

                                                              (This picture they are fried)

                                                             (These are baked in the oven)

WOW these are simply AMAZING I found the recipe at Better Batter Flour's website. I did modify their recipe for these beauties.

Original Filling Recipe Here

And I used the wonton wrapper recipe that they have listed on their site.

Wonton Wrapper Recipe Here

For the insides I used one jar of Muir Glen's Marinara Sauce, 1-8oz package of pepperoni that I chopped up in my food processor and about 3 cups block cheese that I shredded. I mixed the sauce, pepperoni and cheese together and would put a little bit of this mixture in the middle of a wonton wrapper.

I fried min in oil and these left the plate VERY quickly. I put some in the freezer and they microwave very nicely. These are GREAT to have on hand just in case something comes up unexpectedly and you need something quick and easy for dinner.

If you enjoy this recipe you might enjoy MANY other recipes that you can find on Better Batter Flours Website

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